Tranchida testifies in detail about injuries to the body.

The jury sees an autopsy photo of the victim’s severed head, as well as several images depicting all the cuts and bruises on Tyrion’s body. Some pictures are so horrible, we are not allowed to show them Tranchida said, “We have decapitated, we have dismembered, we have transected the torso, then the body is exhumed internally.  jury he believes it will take several hours to dismember the body – all done after Shad Tyrion died.He said, “My examination showed extensive post-mortem mutilation of the body and I believe it is post-mortem mutilation as there is no haemorrhage associated with these injuries.

And while toxicology tests determined that Shad Tyrion had drugs like cocaine, meth and marijuana in his system, doctors determined that drugs had nothing to do with his death.The jury also heard from a Green Bay police officer who took Taylor Shabizness into custody because the gold van he was said to be driving was outside an apartment on Eastman Avenue. The arrest was caught on bodycam footage.According to Lt. Tom Buchman of the Green Bay Police Department, “He was shocked or very surprised to see us. I would compare it to seeing a deer in the headlights or a child grabbing their hand. The cookie jar.”After he was arrested, Jury learned that Scabbizness had been taken to the Green Bay Police Department, with Jury seeing photos of his bloodstained clothes.

A DNA analyst from the state crime lab is testifying as to whose blood was on the cloth. source male profile and I concluded that Shad Thirion was the source of that DNA.”Taylor Shabizness and a friend of Shad Thirion took the stand Tuesday afternoon. AJ Gannon told the jury he had been drinking with the two at the Eastman Avenue apartment the night Tyrion was killed.

But it was the testimony of a former Green Bay Police Department detective who told court analysts that searches on Schabusiness’s cell phone for Jeffrey Dahmer, cadaver and Satan were found that led the defense to ask for a mistrial.”I would argue on my client’s behalf that, if this information comes out, he’s going to be painted in the worst possible light, along with the worst killer in human history,” Christopher Froelich said.

Prosecutors are arguing that this is not prejudicial.Brown County District Attorney David Lacy argued, “His interest in Jeffrey Dahmer is relevant to this case. He, I assume, is going to argue that he didn’t mean to do it or certainly is going to argue in the second phase of the trial. That he had some kind of mental illness that caused him to do it. The state’s position is that he wanted to do it because he wanted to do it.”Although the judge said he had noted the motion for a mistrial, he denied it.

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