Tragic end Ron Sexton’s body discovered ‘naked and blue’ by housekeeping staff at Ohio motel, frantic 911 call reveals

The motel manager said: “Their family member called, I guess he was supposed to be attending and he didn’t show up for it, so they wanted us to check on him in his room.” Housekeeping went in and said she was not alive.” The 911 dispatcher assured the distraught motel employee that an ambulance and police were on their way.

The manager continued: “I’ve never dealt with this before. I’m the general manager so I’m hoping we’re doing everything right.” The operator then added: “I have to ask though, and I know you’re not there, but do you want to try CPR?” The clearly nervous and upset manager replied: “I can, I can try CPR. I’m entering the room now. OK. Yes, he is, he’s blue. And he’s not wearing any clothing.”

The dispatcher said: “Okay. If you want, you can go out if you want. I’m just going to put on CPR. It’s being denied.” He was found dead in his motel room an hour away. Listed as an OIV, police shorthand for Offender/Involved/Victim.

The report lists four additional witnesses who appear to be from the Ohio area and motel workers. Police were called when employees at the Holiday Inn Express found Sexton not breathing in his room, the report said.

The case is considered open, and the Harrison Police Department is encouraging anyone with information surrounding Sexton’s death to contact them. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the medical examiner’s office told The US Sun that Sexton’s preliminary autopsy found “no significant external injuries,” but, “full results and toxicology are still pending.”

“They believe it was a natural death as opposed to an overdose, but they’re waiting for the toxicology to come back to determine if there was anything significant in his system that could have been at a potentially lethal level, versus a cardiac event or something. That effect, ” added the spokesperson. Sexton was known for voicing Donnie Baker on the iconic comedy radio program, The Bob and Tom Show. Sexton’s wife of 29 years told The US Sun earlier this week that her husband was more than a character. , which endeared him to a national fanbase.

Together, the couple had four children: Eric, Abigail, Alex and Aaliyah.” Although his talent was unparalleled, Ron was much more than Donnie Baker. He was a loving husband, father, son, friend and coach.” Know he is at peace and proud to know he will continue to make people around the world smile forever. We appreciate all the love and support,” his wife’s statement read.

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