‘The View’ co-creator and executive producer Bill Geddy has died at age 68

Geddy’s son Allison vindicated the news on Friday, telling PEOPLE in a statement” My pater was the topmost man I knew. He was an upbeat joe who always cracked a joke. When he would an opinion everyone wanted to hear it and they believed it. His That’s all to say. Everything he touched turned to gold. He was kind, supportive and of impeccable integrity. We are devastated by this loss but so thankful to have had this implausible man in our lives as long as we did.” Geddy failed Thursday at his home in Rancho Mirage,Calif., of” coronary” complications, according to Allison. Geddy, a four- time Emmy winner, is best known forco- creating The View with Barbara Walters, which debuted in 1997 and featured panelists Walters, Meredith Vieira, Starr Jones, Joy Behar and Debbie Metenopoulos. He was on the talk show till 2014., earned 13 Daytime Emmy nominations throughout its term. In 2012, he entered the Continuance Achievement Award at the 39th Day Emmy Awards. Geddy and Walters have worked together for 25 times at Barwall products. Heco- produced, wrote and directed the Barbara Walters specials and 10 utmost Fascinating People, according to Deadline and The Hollywood intelligencer. When Walter failed in December 2022, Geddy paid homage to her fabulous career and moxie in broadcasting, telling PEOPLE at the time” Barbara’s total impact on broadcasting is hard to measure, but this important is clear- she expertly remonstrated sexism and ageism. also, Geddy ABC News was a patron on Good Morning America, executive produced Tamron Hall from 2018 to 2020, oversaw Megyn Kelly’s celebrity- interview special in 2016, and wrote the 1996 sci- fi script Indelible. Throughout her career, she has earned six Primetime Emmy nominations. Geddy’s emotional career achievements are one thing Alison and his family touched on in a lengthy statement feting the patron’s life.” He was a big deal on TV, but at home he was a’ larger than life’ husband and father,” his family said.” He would a genuine love of television and entertainment. He tried everything and did it well — writing scripts, recording podcasts, playing guitar, writing songs, and loved music ranging from country to jazz. His favorite band was The Beatles, and He noway allowed he would get the chance to meet his particular hero Paul McCartney in person. But his dream came true. The question is who did he meet, but who did he not meet?” She enjoyed connecting with people, and we know we won’t be the only bones who will miss her encouraging way of positive direction,” the family statement continued. “ He did it with enthusiasm mixed with irony. His particular style of humor was full of puns. He believed in honesty. He was a kind man of integrity and always wanted to do the right thing. He lived by illustration. Indeed the little goods made him happy. He enjoyed a great game of golf, relaxing with his Bombay gin on the jewels with his peppermint ice cream and jalapeño and garlic- invested olives. We are devastated to lose him yet thankful to have him in our lives. ” In addition to Alison, Geddy is survived by his woman , Barbara, and his other son, Lauren. Following the news, some of The View’s panelists paid homage in Geddy’s honor. In a statement to People, Sherri Shepherd said of the news” I’m absolutely devastated. Bill Geddy took a chance on me and believed in me and fought for me. He would a great sense of humor and his advice led me to my first’ The Sherri.’ season of the show. He was my instructor and my friend.”

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