Obama’s chef not found dead on anniversary of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide

Claim Former President Barack Obama’s particular cook, Tafari Campbell, was set up dead on the anniversary of Jeffrey Epstein’s death. AP Assessment False. Campbell’s body was recovered from a pond on Martha’s Vineyard on July 24 while paddleboarding the day ahead. A caption about Epstein circulating online posted on July 23, 2019 that the disgraced financier was set up injured in his jail cell, but Epstein committed self-murder a many weeks latterly. He was pronounced dead on August 10, 2019. Fact A popular post participated on Platform X, formerly known as Twitter and also on Instagram, said Campbell and Epstein, who faced civil coitus- trafficking charges, failed on the same day four times piecemeal. The post includes a screenshot A caption read” BREAKING Jeffrey Epstein set up injured in NYC jail cell after possible self-murder attempt or assault.” It doesn’t show the date or give farther details about the incident or when Epstein failed. In fact, on July 24, 2019, there were news reports that Epstein was set up injured in his Manhattan jail cell after a suspected self-murder attempt on July 23. Epstein survived the incident and was placed on self-murder watch. A many weeks latterly, Epstein was set up unresponsive in his cell in the early hours of August 10 and was pronounced dead shortly later. The Associated Press reported last month on recently attained records that handed new details about Epstein’s detention and death. Meanwhile Campbell’s body was set up on Monday- July 24 as part of a hunt that began a day before after a paddleboarder’s report on the Edgartown Great. The pond went under water and didn’t resurface. Campbell wasn’t wearing a life jacket, police said. The 45- time-old from Virginia worked in the White House during the Obama administration and has since worked for former chairpersons and first ladies. Massachusetts State Police said in a statement to the AP that the disquisition and the first medical monitor’s review set up that. No substantiation the death was suspicious. officers say there were no external injuries or injuries It’s part of AP’s sweats to address extensively participated misinformation, including working with outside companies and associations to add factual environment to misleading content that is circulating online.

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