Manny Pacquiao hails ‘special’ Nawa Ino as Japanese boxer stuns fans with brutal knockout

Having Therefore come a four- weight world champion,’ The Monster’ now targets a bout against WBA and IBF titlist Marlon Tapales in an undisputed match- up. Both Inoue and Fulton went into the bout with an undefeated record, but despite being lower fighters, the contest proved to be a class over. Fulton could slightly lay a glove on Inoue, who was sluggishly starting to wear down the Philadelphia native. And in the eighth round, after a huge right hand stunned Fulton, Inoue followed it up with a brutal left hook that transferred his opponent crashing to the oil. He ever managed to master the ten- count to the surprise of Ino, who was celebrating a unseasonable palm. But he soon got the cessation he desperately wanted as he trapped’ Cool Boy Stiff’ in the corner where he disburdened a shower of punches that saw the adjudicator walk down from the contest. Boxing legend Pacquiao- the only eight- weight world champion in history- was stunned by Inoue’s glowing display. He twittered” Inoue has great speed and a lot of power behind his punches. He is a special fighter!” It was an opinion participated by suckers, with Eno cringing on social media following his 22nd KO palm from his 25th spin inside the ring. One Twitter account posted” This is the topmost performance I have seen since Floyd Mayweather. Ino was absolutely stunning!” Another said” He is not mortal! Nawa Ino is boxing’s P4P king.” A third added” Inoue did not just box Fulton out, Inoue embarrassed him.” This addict also argued” No bone
knows how to beat Ino right now.” Meanwhile another reflected” Nawa Inoue is the stylish prizefighter on the earth and on the way to eternity.” One also simply said” Awa Inoue is a real f monster.”

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