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Judgement of $35,886 receives cost award of $35,000

offer of $23,000 made back in March of 2021.

The Judge then awarded costs of $35,000.

Lets do some math :

If they accepted the Plaintiff’s Rule 49 offer it would have cost them only $23,000 plus their own costs to date, say $5,000 for a total of $28,000

Instead they will have to pay :

$35,886 for the claim
$35,000 for the costs award
$23,761 for their own lawyer

Total : $94,647

Barry B. Fisher, LL.B., is a mediator and arbitrator of both employment and labour relations matters. He offers three forms of ADR based on clients’ needs: Mediation, Arbitration and Med/Arb. Barry is from the evaluative school of mediation and brings his over 30 years’ experience as an employment lawyer and legal author to the dispute.

In addition to his knowledge of the legal issues involved in these disputes, he also has a deep understanding of the psychological factors that motivate both employees and employers. By combining these two skills, Barry is able to achieve a settlement rate of over 80% of the disputes that he mediates.



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