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Farmhouse Beef and Sausage Shape

I hope you enjoy this tasty old, English recipe if you make it, and please let me know in the comments below, Karen

Once cooked it freezes well. Allow it to cool, then wrap it in greaseprrof paper and tinfoil. Defrost overnight.

I used Lincolnshire sausages in this recipe, as I’d just bought some from my favourite, local butchers. However you can use any sausages local to you.
You should get between 12 and 16 slices, enough for 4 to 6 servings.

List of British sausages:
There are hundreds of different types of sausage in the UK, although they each somehow have unique blends of taste and appearance. Here are a handful of the most popular types of sausage:
Yorkshire sausage
Oxford sausage
Suffolk sausage
Marylebone sausage
Gloucester sausage
Cumberland sausage



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