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The Best Smart Beds in 2023

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I can’t provide information on the specific best smart beds in 2023, as my information is not up to date. However, I can provide you with some general information on what to look for in smart beds and suggest some popular brands and models that were well-regarded in 2021. Please note that the smart bed market may have evolved since then, so I recommend doing your own research and reading reviews to find the best options available in 2023.

When looking for a smart bed, consider the following features and factors:

1. **Adjustability**: Many smart beds offer adjustable settings for firmness, incline, and support. Look for a bed that allows you to customize these settings to your preference.

2. **Sleep Tracking**: Smart beds often come with built-in sleep tracking technology that monitors your sleep patterns and provides insights to help improve your sleep quality.

3. **Temperature Control**: Some smart beds offer heating or cooling features to help regulate your body temperature during the night, which can be especially useful for those who struggle with temperature-related sleep issues.

4. **Integration**: Check if the smart bed is compatible with your existing smart home ecosystem. It should work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and have a user-friendly mobile app.

5. **Massage Features**: Some smart beds come with built-in massage functions that can help you relax and relieve tension.

6. **Quality of Materials**: Consider the quality of the mattress and the materials used in the bed’s construction. A good mattress is essential for a comfortable night’s sleep.

7. **Warranty**: Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer to ensure you’re protected in case of defects or issues.

In terms of brands and models that were popular in 2021:

1. **Sleep Number**: Sleep Number offers a range of adjustable smart beds with customizable firmness settings. Their 360 Smart Bed series was well-received.

2. **Eight Sleep**: Eight Sleep’s Pod Pro and Pod Pro Max smart mattresses offer temperature regulation and sleep tracking features.

3. **Tempur-Pedic**: Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR-breeze series provides cooling technology and advanced support.

4. **Purple**: Purple’s mattresses, like the Purple Hybrid Premier, are known for their innovative design and comfort.

5. **Reverie**: Reverie offers adjustable smart beds that focus on customization and sleep tracking.

6. **Saatva**: Saatva’s Solaire adjustable mattress is praised for its comfort and adjustability.

Please keep in mind that the best smart bed for you will depend on your individual preferences and sleep needs. I recommend checking recent reviews and visiting showrooms to try out different models before making a purchase decision in 2023.



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