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NSYNC reunites at VMAs, gives Taylor Swift award: ‘You’re pop personified’

We said, “I Want You Back,” and *NSYNC delivered.

The boyband reunited during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards Tuesday night to the delight of ’80s and ’90s kids across the country.

The five-piece group consisting of Justin TimberlakeLance BassJoey FatoneChris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez took to the stage to present the best pop award. The winner was none other than Taylor Swift, a fan herself who was visibly excited as she accepted the award.

“I had your dolls,” she told the former boy band members. “What’s going to happen now? They’re doing something and I need to know what it is. You’re pop personified.”

Taylor Swift accepts the award for Best Pop Video, presented by (from L) Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake, onstage during the MTV Video Music Awards.

NSYNC hasn’t released new music in two decades. After several years of chart-topping hits, the band’s fourth and last album, “Celebrity,” released in 2001. They went on hiatus the following year, which is also when Timberlake’s Grammy-winning debut solo album, “Justified,” released.

Reunion rumors started swirling recently when promotional materials for the next “Trolls” franchise installment, “Trolls Band Together” — which Timberlake stars in — appeared to tease a new *NSYNC song on its soundtrack. Prior to this, the group came back together to celebrate their Hollywood Walk Of Fame star in 2018.

In 2013, Fatone, Chasez, Bass and Kirkpatrick joined Timberlake to perform “Girlfriend” and “Bye, Bye, Bye” in celebration of Timberlake receiving an MTV VMA Vanguard Award.

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