33 Differences Between Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

image source: Madical News today

The difference between bags under the eyes and dark circles Who does not know it? You wake up and see huge blue circles under your eyes.  recently you say to your  chum’ Pff, I slept so  poorly, the bags under my eyes are huge!”. To get  relieve of the bags under the eyes, you use a good underdress, but are these really bags or dark circles? There’s a difference between bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Bags under the eyes are largely  inheritable and are caused by an excess of skin or fat, making them look like pillows under your eyes. What causes bags or dark circles under the eyes? Now that we know the difference between bags and dark circles under the eyes, let’s take a  near look at what causes them. There are several causes that can beget dark circles or bags under the eyes. Some causes are genetically determined, but your life also has an influence. Below we’ve  stressed a number of causes for you.

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